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Coin Parliament

Where Voting and Collectibles Converge


Welcome to Coin Parliament, the exhilarating web 3-based platform that brings together the power of voting and the excitement of collectibles. In this article, we'll explore the immersive world of Coin Parliament, where participants can make their voices heard, engage in strategic voting, and build a remarkable collection of valuable assets.


Voting with Impact:

At the heart of Coin Parliament lies the concept of voting. Participants have the opportunity to express their opinions on a myriad of topics, including celebrities, music, politics, religion, world economy, sports, and more. By casting their votes, they contribute to the collective decision-making process and help shape the outcomes that matter most to them.

Collectibles as Rewards:

But voting in Coin Parliament is not just about voicing opinions; it's also a pathway to earning valuable rewards. Participants can collect unique and coveted cards that hold both aesthetic appeal and intrinsic value. These cards represent a wide array of themes and categories, making each collection truly distinctive. The thrill of acquiring rare and sought-after cards adds an element of excitement and prestige to the Coin Parliament experience.


Complete Albums for Glory:

Building a remarkable collection in Coin Parliament goes beyond individual cards. Participants are encouraged to complete albums, which consist of specific sets of cards that align with different themes or categories. Completing an album is a testament to dedication, strategy, and a keen eye for the rarest and most elusive cards. It's an accomplishment that sets participants apart and elevates their standing within the Coin Parliament community.


The Miner Account Advantage:

For those seeking to take their collecting journey to new heights, upgrading to a Miner Account unlocks a world of possibilities. With a Miner Account, participants can transform their cards into valuable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can be traded, sold, and even generate ongoing profits. As members of the Coin Parliament elite, Miner Account holders enjoy exclusive benefits and unique opportunities to further enhance their collecting experience.


Levels of Prestige:

As participants actively engage in voting and demonstrate their influence, they ascend through the levels of Coin Parliament prestige. Starting from Chairman, progressing to Minister, Ambassador, Counsel, and finally, Speaker, each level brings increased rewards and recognition. The higher the level, the greater the impact and the more valuable the rewards participants can earn for their voting contributions.

Rewards Beyond Voting:

In addition to voting, participants can earn rewards through referrals. By inviting friends to join Coin Parliament, participants not only expand the vibrant community but also earn rewards based on their friends' voting activity. Furthermore, participants receive 50% of their referred friends' lifetime earnings directly to their digital wallets for each purchase made, creating a sustainable source of passive income.


Coin Parliament is a dynamic and captivating platform that combines the power of voting with the allure of collectibles. It offers participants the opportunity to make their voices heard, engage in strategic voting, and build a valuable collection of unique cards. With the option to upgrade to a Miner Account and the possibility of earning ongoing royalties, Coin Parliament elevates the collecting experience to new heights. So join the Parliament today, cast your votes, collect coveted cards, and become a distinguished member of this thrilling community where voting and collectibles converge.

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