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The digital world is full of surprises, innovations, and upgrades. This is evident in the spectacular transformation of traditional gaming models into digitalized ones, also referred to as decentralized models.

Traditional gaming models are mostly free-to-play and pay-to-play in which players hustle their way through the games, pulling through thick and thin, just to spend some in-game assets on special features which are at the mercy of the developers. That is how a centralized model operates. As a result, decentralized models were developed and they can be seen in today’s play-to-earn (P2E) games and vote to earn system.

VoteToEarn (V2E) -  The Game Changer

Although there are several amazing developments in the WEB.3 space, the next big innovation is the vote to earn model.

As opposed to other systems, the vote to earn system allows players to have a say in the affairs of their space just by voting. You do not have to take your time to complete any serious tasks except making your voice heard. And honestly, who doesn’t want to be heard?

The bottom line is, is it worth it?

Imagine a world where you can experience the real meaning of democracy. A world where you can make decisions without interference. A world where your voice matters. A world where you get paid for taking your time to vote.

Time is money, and with the vote to earn model, you are sure to get rewarded for your time. You might want to ask: P2E games pay me for my time while playing. What else do I need? Well, the answer is simple.

The vote to earn model is here to fill the void created by the other models. But how?

Most Web3-based systems preach that they deliver a mixture of fun, excellent services, and perhaps, rewards. Truth is, most of them fail to deliver as promised.

For example, there are P2E game developers who do not focus on getting the games right. Instead, they influence players, making them believe that the main aim of playing games should be to make money as opposed to the original aim — fun.

As such, many players do not derive the pleasure they should but still play because the monetary incentives are what keep them playing. That is why the vote to earn model takes us back to the initial mindset whilst doing what it was designed for. Games should be fun and earning, an addition. In the same way, voting can be fun and you deserve to earn while having fun.

Your Chance to Vote, Impact, and Earn

VoteToEarn (V2E) allows you to play an active role in any WEB.3 community, voting for your preferred outcome or option and impacting the Social Voting Indicator (SVI).

By signing up for any VoteToEarn (V2E) platform, you can get exclusive access to the Social Voting Indicator (SVI) and see how other voters impacted the indicator.

The SVI provides you with details of your votes as well as the live votes of other users. This way, you can monitor voting activities in your community relating to different subjects including cryptocurrencies, sports, and stock. Also, the SVI uses a unique algorithm that shows you how much an option was chosen as well as the total success rate. This can help you to make more informed decisions.

It is noteworthy that the SVI is the world’s first Social Voting Indicator, displayed as an oscillator with a reading from 0 to 100. Considering a scenario where a coin is on the buy/sell scale, the SVI will display a reading between 0 and 100. A reading above 50 indicates that more users voted ‘BULL’, meaning that there’s a high tendency for the coin’s purchase. On the other hand, a reading below 50 indicates that more users voted ‘BEAR’, meaning that more users will likely sell the coin.

A second example is an upcoming football match between Liverpool and Manchester City. If this is the voting subject, every user will vote to predict who wins. Thus, any SVI reading above 50 indicates that more people supported Manchester City. Likewise, if the SVI reading goes below 50, it indicates that a larger percentage of votes is in favor of Liverpool. The key takeaway is that VoteToEarn (V2E) helps you to become a better decision-maker.

Additionally, you get to earn in-house coins and cash them out. You can collect unique NFTs as rewards, after which you can either swap, sell, or hold them.

How It Works

Just like crypto mining in which you combine time, energy, and equipment to produce new cryptocurrencies, the vote to earn model acts like a mining model. But in this case, your vote does the mining. That is, the more you vote, the more your mining progress speeds up.

The native token allocated to the vote to earn system is the PAX (BEP20) token. It is a social token. All 21 million tokens are allocated exclusively to VoteToEarn and can only be mined and entered into circulation by using the system.

As explained earlier, your vote prompts the mining process. Every vote contributes to the Coin Mining Process (CMP) which is determined by multiple parameters including the miner’s type and voting effects on the SVI (Social Voting Indicator). The more you vote, the more you increase your CMP.

Every time a miner achieves the goal of 100 CMP a block is signed as proof of vote (PoV) and the block’s reward is released.

The rewards for PAX (BEP20 token) mining are reduced by half for every 210,000 blocks. The first mined of PAX would earn you 50 PAX for mining one block. In block number 210,001 this was halved to 25 PAX. In block number, 420,001 the earned for one block will be 12.5 PAX, etc.

To get started, you need to become a member of one of VoteToEarn’s partners and start to vote from any mobile or web device.

Coin Parliament is one of the manyVoteToEarn (V2E) platforms where you can earn while getting your voice heard. The platform offers you access to its unique SVI in addition to its other features.

VoteToEarn (V2E) is a revolutionary way for people to voice their opinion, allowing them to exercise their democratic rights in industries including sports, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

Coin Parliament allows you to view voters’ profiles which are consistently updated by the multiplicative weights algorithm. This algorithm allows you to view profiles based on factors like voting volume, time frame, and success rate. Interestingly, you might decide to keep an eye on parliament members who have many accurate results.

Through this well-designed framework, you can access knowledge on various voting subjects. This way, voting processes are more transparent and accuracy is achievable, resulting in well-improved investment decisions.

Pool Mining

Similarly, you can earn passively when you invite your friends to join your mining pool. Here, you will be earning on every vote they cast. Simply invite your friends via your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.). Afterward, ensure that they join and vote. And that’s it! Your friends’ votes will increase your CMP and eventually increase your earnings.

Final Thoughts

VoteToEarn (V2E) has a lot of potentials that you can tap into. If anything, venturing into a model that boosts your critical thinking and decision-making skills is a worthy investment.

Coupled with the fact that you can earn passively, you are free to access other users’ profiles to cross-check your decisions. Not only that, VoteToEarn (V2E) offers you a live vote monitoring opportunity where you can see how the votes are going. As such, you are sure to make careful decisions before voting. With a functional framework and unique strings to pull, we recommend that you join VoteToEarn today.

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